samedi 7 août 2010

The laws of nature can be deployed, under Divine Will, to reward or punish man

More heavy rain is falling in flood-ravaged Pakistan and even heavier downpours are forecast.

Pakistani officials estimate as many as 13 million people have been affected.Are we trying to understand why its happning with us.

According to the Holy Quran, the laws of nature can be deployed, under Divine Will, to reward or punish man.

Continuous downpour resulting in the water level rising so much so that habitations become submerged under water:
The people of Noah rejected the Truth before them; they rejected Our servant and said: A madman spurned by our gods. He called on his Lord: I am overcome; do Thou avenge me. Thereupon, We opened the gates of heaven (the skies) with water pouring down; and We caused the earth to burst forth with springs, so the two waters met for a purpose, which had been pre-determined. [54:10- 13]

Recurring sudden floods decreed for a place wherein the rich and fertile territory is turned to a barren and hostile land where nothing else grows apart from tamarisk and mild and bitter fruit and lote trees:
`Yet they (the Saba) turned away (from the truth). So We sent them a devastating flood, And We gave them, in exchange for their excellent gardens, two gardens bearing bitter fruit and tamarisk and a few lote trees.' [34:17]
Allah preserve us from this. Aameen

By my friend : Rana Faris

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