dimanche 29 août 2010


We all agree that life is unfair but we never ask ourselves why . It's unfair that because humans made it that way. Humans always want to dominate the other creartures on this planet. This obsession for domination caused murders, wars,slavery, rape...

"Three primary life forces exist on this planet : nature, animals ans humankind".But nature and animals are there to be used by humans. And even if they depand on them, humans, can stop hurting them.

We are all aware that many animals are hurt because of us but we choose to live in denial.

Watching "Earthlings" opened my eyes. Animals serves humans in five different ways : as pets, for food, for clothing, for advertising and for science experiences. In eatch different way, animals are treated crueally.
For the food we eat or the clothes we wear, those animals are brutally murdered without mercy. When we go the the zoo or the circus we enjoy watching those animals forgetting that those are wild animals who are not used to live in captivity.
Imagine that we someone beat you to death just because you're meat is delicious or because you're skin will be great for shoes how will you feel.

I'm not saying that every one should be a vegeterian and stop wearing clothes but meaningless things can make a difference. Being nice to an animal won't cost a thing. Adopting a homeless kitten or dog isn't a big deal. Those animals are in despearte need for ower help.

So before eating your meal, wearing your leather jacket or watching a rodeo think twice.

This is the trailer of "Earthlings", may be some of the images in this video will help you thinking.

EARTHLINGS (TEASER) from skolman_mws on Vimeo.

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