dimanche 16 octobre 2011

Famine is the new F-word

Last year, Blog Action Day was about water. Thousand of bloggers worldwide tried to raise awareness about the clean water issue.

This year, Blog Action day will be about food in general bur in particular the world famine or dying because there is no food.

The famine in Somalia has killed 30,000 children in 3 months. One in ten children under the age of five dies every eleven weeks in Somalia because of the famine.Almost half of the population is now threatened by it.

The current crisis in the Horn of Africa is the result of a tragic combination of factors that are man-made, including abnormally high food prices, lack of governance and security in Somalia, and a historic lack of investment in long-term agricultural development in the Horn. Over the past few years, we lost the political will and public support necessary to prevent the famine

How can you raise global awareness for this important issue?

1.Sign and share our petition: Take immediate action against the famine by signing the one’s organisation petition and asking world leaders to ensure people are hungry no more and to take action. Don’t forget to share the petition with family and friends and use the hashtag #BAD11.

2.Share “The F WordPSA video: Share the new provocative PSA, “The F Word” Facebook , Twitter, Google+… everywhere.

3.Share the One infographic's: One organisation made a beautifully designed infographic, “Fight the Famine” that illustrates the countries that are leading relief efforts in the Horn of Africa and those that are lagging behind.

4.Share the hunger map: One have published a map of the famine in Somalia. This map can also help understand the causes of this hunger.

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