mardi 24 mai 2011

Unfriend Coal : GreenPeace VS Facebook

It all started we Facebook announced, in February 2010, it will build a massive data centre in Oregon, U.S., packed full of the latest energy efficient computers to serve the hundreds of millions of friends connecting on their near-addictive social networking website. But the company plans to run the place on electricity made by burning coal--Yes, the dirtiest source of energy and largest single source of global warming pollution in the world.

Basically, GreenPeace is campaigning to get Facebook to drop coal and commit to 100 percent renewable energy, cutting its carbon footprint and helping in the struggle to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Over 700,000supporters around the world!
It is reported that over 700,000 people have joined the Unfriend Coal campaign to date.

Since the campaign launch in February 2010, supporters have signed up to join via Facebook Groups in their own languages (ES, EN, FR, NL, DE), and Facebook Apps. For Greenpeace supporters who aren't active Facebook users GreenPeace also had signup pages and a campaign mailing list on our website.

Greenpeace and the many supporters of the Unfriend Coal campaign (including me) set the record for most Facebook comments on a post in 24 hours last week (over 80,000 or one every second for 24 hours).

Activists around the world have met Facebook employees at their work to spread the word about this campaign and encourage them to join in.

From Dublin to Palo Alto via Milan, Colombia, and London, with world records and airships, in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese, Facebook got a clear message this week, delivered in many ways – it's time the world’s largest social networking site connected its 600 million users to renewable energy, not dirty, dangerous coal and nuclear.

Get involved now

Join the Facebook Page

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Sign the online petition
Show your support and ad a badge to your picture

Let’s keep our world a world worth changing

vendredi 20 mai 2011

Les Foulées du lac en mode Street marketing

Comme à chaque année, Rotary Club Tunis Belvédère organise les « Foulées du lac » qui aura lieu ce Dimanche 22/05/2011 au Berges du lac, l’événement sponsorisé par Safia , est devenu incontournable pour les sportifs et les débutants qui souhaitent se régénérer et préserver leur capital santé et bien être, qui ont d’ailleurs été plus de 4.000 personnes à participer à l’édition précédente.

Pour promouvoir la 7éme édition, Grey Tunis a concocté une campagne de street marketing brandée aux couleurs de Safia et dont la finalité est de maximiser la réceptivité de la cible et l’impact du message publicitaire.
C’est donc à travers un marquage de sol placé devant les bancs municipaux , que le message, sans équivoque , a été exposé « Yezzik mel 9a3da, ija ejri w erba7 sa7tek ».
Une opération de Street marketing originale qui interpellera certainement le citadins en manque d’activité sportive, le cœur de cible de la marque Safia pour cette opération.

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