mardi 5 juillet 2011

Social Media Day celebrattions from Tunis to New York

Launched just a year ago by Mashable , the Social Media Day this year was a global event. Almost 7000 people celebrated this day in nearly 1400 cities all over the six continents, from Tunisia to New York.7 cities have officially declared the Social Media Day.

“This day is really about celebration social media in our lives, to connect with people who are interested in social media in your area and meet people from your community who share the same interests as you”. Pete Cashmore, Mashable founder and CEO

“Social Media brought us together, it’s helping us in a personal level, in our professional live and even for charity and non profitable projects”

I was thrilled to organize the first Tunisian Social Media Day. The event happened in Barista’s Café at Berges du Lac in Tunis where nearly 50 persons gathered to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social.
Our speakers were Sami Ben Romdhane (Senior Director,Technolgy Platform & Tools , eBay) who spoked to us via Skype and Sami Bahri ( Communication expert) who was among us and he has presented his now project.

To spread the word about the event, using social media of course, an event on Facebook was lanched and people used both #smdaytn #smdaytunis

A nice evening to connect in the real world with people known from the virtual world and a great day to meet new people.

Finally, I wanna thank Marouan Rejeb, who brought the speakers and to Abdelkarim Benabdallah for his help, his stickers and his photos.
So Happy Social Media Day once and again and I can’t wait to celebrate Socail Media Day 2012.

All the pictures for the Tunis Social Media Day were taken by Abdelkarim Benabdallah.

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Karim2k a dit…

We owe you this great event such an opportunity to network with these cool people, thanks again girl!

Bahia a dit…

@Karim2k and thank u so much for your help

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