vendredi 16 juillet 2010

The oil spill : the ecological terrorism

On April 22nd, 2010, The explosion and the sinking of the platform Deepwater Horizon; British Petroleum is declared responsable for the biggest environmental catastrophe ever known in the history of the nited States and the second in world history.
For about three months, between 3 and 5 million barrels (365 to 715 million liters of oil) have split in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Spills By the Numbers [Infographic]

Source: Travel Insurance

On the July 16th, the oil group stopped for the time the flow of oil after closing all valves of the new funnel placed on the damaged wells.

But stopping the flow is not enough, the damage from the spill remains important. The representative of Greenpeace in Louisiana, Mark Hughes, said that "the situation there is still very, very bad: there were 300 pelicans, oiled turtles, dolphins, dead whales and most importantly, the plankton. In the Gulf of Mexico is the base of the food chain, they are dying from lack of oxygen, so all species in the Gulf will soon be starving. It will take years to understand the damage. Some species will certainly die. "

There were many protests against this ecological disaster.Many celebrities have committed against the black tide: the American rock band Pearl Jam made a clip called "Amongst the Wave” aiming to raise public awareness about protecting the ocean; Korn and Lady Gaga announced that their tour bus will not supply from BP gas stations. Even the boss of the German manufacturer of lubricants Liqui Moly has announced that he will no longer get supplies from BP.

Recently, some Greenpeace activists, covered with a substance resembling to heavy oil, showed outside the headquarters of the European Commission to demand, in the light of the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to ban the deep drilling in sea in Europe. Besides the protests outside the headquarters of BP and in the streets, a virtual boycott campaign(online) was launched as an online petition, pages and groups on Facebook gathering thousands of members, unlimited Tweets ...

The oil company British Petroleum has suffered huge financial losses, but her most important loss is her brand image and reputation. Fixing BP's image on the short term becomes almost an impossible mission.

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